Dear parents, relatives, coaches, players and special guests.

On behalf of our entire devoted, talented and passionate ICKPK team, our heartfelt Thanks for your participation in our 11th edition ICKPK-UEFA-Euro 2016-France!

We hope that your kids, players had a cherishable and Fun experience!! Please see our link of all the photos taken at our closing ceremony and Parade of Champions!

We are all Winners and no Losers!

We are looking forward to seeing all of your teams joins us next year 2017 to commenr*te our Theme: FIFA U17- World Cup Men's - India!!


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A heartfelt thanks to our photographers Olivier Ouimet (www.olivierouimet.com) and
Myriam Belley, street worker for Action Jeunesse de l’Ouest-de-l'Île ( www.ajoi.info)

Futbol greatness hello
‎Congratulations UEFA-Euro 2016 CHAMPIONS To Team Portugal !!!
Great Team  Portugal Win!
Honourable Mention to Les BLEUS - Team France for their superb efforts and dominance thru-out the entire Euro Tourney!
Bravo to Host country -France and the UEFA-Euro organizers for a very successful 4 weeks tourney!
Of course, all 24 Nations deserves our Hats-Off for skillfully, passionately giving us the total " experience of "thrill" ‎playing the sport of Futbol. You represented very proud!  Wow! Wow!  
On behalf of the International Cup, Kids playing for kids our heartfelt Thank-You !
We look forward and excited to see you all join-us at our own " replicating our EURO-FRANCE this September
Yes, not One Tourney But Ten Euro ‎-ICKPK tourney- U10-U12-U14-U16-U18 for youth local juvenile Boys -Girls 
Sam Gabbay
Comité des Sages

Press conference held June 10th at Soccerplex Catalogna with the presence of our new honorary president, Mr. Denis Coderre

Friday, June 10th, 2016 ICKPK press conference held at Catalogna soccerplexe. Congratulations to our 2016 ICKPK-UEFA EURO 2016-France Co-hosting cities partners - Ville de Montréal and the City of Pointe -Claire ( AKA -FRANCE) Picture credit to : 11x90.com, Official passing of the torch.

Our 2016 Honorary President and Ville de Montréal mayor Mr.Denis Coderre and Pointe-Claire Pro-mayor Mr. Aldo Iamieri and ICKPK Founder and President sortant, Sam Gabbay.

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Video "leitao parliament"

Click on the video to watch Mr. Carlos Leitao address the Quebec Parliament

For Immediate Release

Montreal, June 10, 2016 – The International Cup, Kids Playing for Kids (ICKPK) announces that the 11h edition of the soccer tournament will be hosted by the Cities of Pointe-Claire and Montreal from September 3rd to September 25th and will be modelled upon the 2016 Euro Cup that is taking place in France commencing on June 10th, 2016. Over 1,800 house league boys and girls between the ages of 9 to 18 years old from 3 regions, ARS Bourassa, Concordia, and Lac St Louis will compete in this friendly tournament, which follows the protocols of an international tournament. Proceeds of this tournament are given to The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation and The Sainte-Justine UHC Foundation. The honorary presidency of the 11th edition of the International Cup, Kids Playing for Kids will be held by the mayor of Montréal, Mr. Denis Coderre.

There will be the traditional and official passing the torch ceremony, as in previous years, between Canada (2015 Host) and France (2016 host), there will also be many dignitaries as well as representatives of the Quebec Soccer Federation and other soccer associations and supporters who have made these events such a success.

ICKPK promotes the love for soccer and values the importance of friendship, respect, integrity, and community. Since 2006, ICKPK has donated over $313, 000 to the two Hospital Foundations.

Team Registrations: Mr. Blair Mallett blair@ickpk.org

General Information: Mr. Sam Gabbay sam@ickpk.org